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clemson paw

clemson paw

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Here’s part of a custom cane request I had for some school/state colors and symbols. This paw turned out really well. I just wish all of the available polymer clays haven’t gotten so soft. It really makes caning a challenge. šŸ˜¦ Even Kato is going to be softer. Pooey !

Stay tuned for the next cane, it’s going to have a palmetto tree ! Hopefully ……..


Hi to any one reading this! (I know, I have but a few readers)

Yet again I have let this blog slide to the side. Things here are finally starting to calm down some. The doctors finally found out what was wrong with Brian, acid reflux and a high hernia of all things ! Who knew that a hernia would make you so very nauseous ? Well, we do now! He’s on some meds for it and is feeling much better now. He was finally able to go back to work last week. Thank god! We are really tired of dealing with the disability insurance and the doctors. It’s over….Ā almost. Surgery hasĀ been mentionedĀ for the hernia.

Myself, on the other hand, was sick as a dog last week due to a mix-up with my meds with the insurance company. They denied my prescription due to they prefer that you take a generic brand at all times. Well, I’ve been on this particular medication for 3 years and NOW they want to make a fuss….sheeeeessh! My doctor got that straightened out for now.

I do have some more good news ! I got a request for a particular cane with our SC college teams colors. It’s to have a palmetto tree as the design in the middle, with each being surrounded by the team colors. It shouldn’t be that hard to do, I hope. Also I mentioned to requestor that a Clemson paw would be great too. I know that will sell around my area! So, I’m going to work on that too. This is going to be interesting….and fun I hope šŸ™‚

Until next time…..