What a way to start a blog! Being featured on someone else’s

I was featured on another blog! Stormy, of StormyDesigns.biz , wrote about my latest creation, my new inro. She has a shopon Etsy also. Check her out !

I worked really hard on this one, it was my first inro, and I wanted it to be perfect (of course). It took me about 3 days to get it done. I really took my time on it, which really makes a difference when trying something for the first time. Rushing will only produce rushed looking work.You can tell when someone just throws something together for the sake of creating, it’s sloppy and unfinished looking. That is something I can’t do, I will not show anything that I don’t like myself, but I think that’s more the inner critic than anything else.

I’m working on another one too. Of course it’s not going exactly like the other did, but it’s coming along nicely. It’s sort of the same style as the first, just slightly different and is copper and black. I should be done with it this week.

While you’re waiting, here’s the pic of the first one :


                                                                                      It’s available for sale on Etsy or you can contact me.


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